About US

About Kailash Institute of Chemical Sciences

Kailash institute was set up with the prime objective to provide one place solution to materialize your dreams to reality. We strongly believe that the road to success lies in “Smart work, Sincerity, dedication and belief in oneself.” We at our institute try to inculcate these things into habit so that you can make your dreams come true. We firmly believe that it is “YOU” who is only important. Our motto is not to drain the brain, but to train the brain.

If you wish to see your seeds of curiosity flourish into the reality of R&D and Academics, we must say, you are at the right place, just plant yourself in our institute and be assured, we will do the rest.

Why Kailash Institute of Chemical Sciences (KICS) ?

Our institute have a team of dedicated and highly result oriented faculties whose primary objective is to train students in all field of life rather than selection alone. Teaching is not merely the aim of our faculties but they also train you for all round development towards a successful career. Our faculties not only teaches but also act as a mentor. In the world of cut throat competition, where every single mark decide the fate, dream of pursuing research & teaching can be intimidating, we look at the other side of the coin. We see this situation as full of opportunities where you can face any situation & every challenge with a positive attitude where success will become a habit.